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Thesis-Driven, Against the grain, Early Stage

We write relatively small-cheques to early-stage founding teams with grit, focus and passion to bring interesting and innovative projects to life. We are sector agnostic yet focused on a business-problem, solution dynamic. We keep a strong focus on path to profitability and don’t do FOMO or hype investing.
  • 25+ Years Experience

    Combined Experience between the General Partners of over 25 years of Public and Private markets investing.

  • Cirle of Trust

    We don't hire or fire founders, we trust them to know how to run their companies best.

  • 95% Follow-on Rate

    We don't lead later stage / institutional rounds, but 95% of the times we support our founders with pro-rata follow-on.

  • Data-Driven

    Our Algorithms have processed over 1.2 billion data points to make decisions and convert it into wealth.

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How We Work

Thesis-Driven, Against the grain, Early Stage

We believe in putting money to work at solving problems, it is a time-tested approach to growing successful companies. We leverage automation and data-driven algorithms to make decisions quickly and at scale. This allows us to manage a large fund, yet write relatively small early stage cheques.

  • Founder Focused

    As ex-founders, we believe that creating your own job is the best job you can find to do the most for this world.

  • Data-Driven, brisk-paced

    We believe in due-diligence and being data driven, it helps us decide to pursue an opportunity in 48 hours and usually wrap up DD in 3-5 weeks.

  • Bottom-line Focused

    We believe in sustained growth and don't believe in high-burn land-grab or other high CAC to LTV strategies.

  • Long-Term Focus

    We believe in building companies that Warren Buffet be interesting in buying - growing, profitable companies with some moats around their business.

What we Invest in


We asked our founder’s to describe Tacenda Capital (VCC) Inc. in a couple of words.